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Hayley's Journey

Hayley was blessed to have you as an amazing mentor of L.U.P.E. programme and previously with Time 2 Train as a younger student.

Jeremy you truly guide, inspire and believe in your students. 

 Thanks to your guidance and support and using your own life experiences and knowledge how to thrive in life, Hayley has learnt so much and will continue to strive and achieve what she wants in life due to your wonderful mentoring.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your students and giving them the best chance in life and amazing progress they show through your program

Much appreciated

Deb, Paul & Hayley , Victoria

Phillip's Journey

Phillip is a 17 year old boy who was diagnosed with ASD at age 3. During his early childhood Phillip did not have any verbal language nor showed signs of any social skills, emotional awareness and lacked any form of eye contact. There were many sleepless nights for Phillip as he would have tantrums,wonder off in the middle of the night without any fear for where he would go.

Throughout his childhood Phillip was involved in multiple therapies with speech therapists, psychologists alongside recommended dietary changes. He also went to an autistic school and mainstream school. Throughout the journey, a lot of love, care and hard work was given by his mother, grandparents and sister to enable him to develop some of the language and social skills he now has. This journey still continues when, we were blessed to met Jeremy recently. Thus far we have had 6 sessions and already we can see an improvement in Phillip.

He is slowly transitioning away from long periods of computer use and starting to broaden his interests in other areas. Also we can see a huge improvement in his concentration and attention levels as well as memory. Phillip is becoming more confident, more motivated and more focused with each session.

Overall we wish we had the opportunity to meet Jeremy and start this program 5 years ago. Nonetheless we are very happy that we have found him and we wish that there was many more Jeremy's in the world to help families and children with ASD. Thank you Jeremy, and we can't wait to see you soon.

Emily J, Phillip's Mother , Victoria

Nick's Journey

Nick has made significant progress since starting the LUPE program 12 months ago. As of yesterday he is completely off all medication including Concerta and Lovan (anti-depressant).

He now has a great social life and this school holidays he has had 4 different friends stay and has stayed over at friends as well. He takes pride in his appearance and is now keen to hang out with his mates over town and just get out and socialise. This would never have happened 12 months ago. He performed in his first musical this year and did a fantastic job.

He now feels much more confident and expressed his anxiety levels have reduced significantly. Your regular skype appointments have been of great help to him when he has been anxious and your guidance has helped him immensely. Thanks to your guidance and mentoring Nick would like to pursue a career helping other kids with Autism like himself.

I don’t believe Nick would be where he is today without your program and guidance and we can’t thank you enough.

Kind Regards

Megan M, Nick's Mother - Tamworth NSW

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