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Autism + Asperger Personal Trainer, Jeremy Samson

Pictured above: Jeremy Samson receiving Health & Wellbeing Award with founder Steve Bright of Bart N Print. 2016 Sponsor of Melbourne's Young Achiever Awards event held Docklands May 2016

" Hi everyone, my name is Jeremy Samson and I'm the Managing Director of the Time 2 Train Asperger's Program. I am also proudly living with Asperger's myself. In 2014 I thought long and hard about wanting to help assist more than just children on the Autism Spectrum.

Since 2009, I have been dedicating my life in building a successful career and now well recognised exercise program for all ages on the Autism Spectrum called the Time 2 Train Asperger's Program. Now in my late 20's I would like to now begin helping young teens to adults on the spectrum. After winning 'Entreprenuer' at the 2014 Naturally Autistic People Awards in Scotland, Edinburgh. I decided to begin developing the "Lupe Program" using just four "common sense" basic methods, that have assisted me over many years from teenage, to young adult life.

My successful career in life on the spectrum, has provided me with the perfect mentoring qualities for other individuals also on the spectrum. Through guidance, support, wisdom, motivation, inspiration etc. I strongly encourage teens to adults on the spectrum to use my methods in training, as a great example in how to improve ones self development. "

" Longitudinal study, clinical research suggest that about 15% move out of Autism Spectrum Disorder."

" Jeremy, you are 1 of 10 to 15 percent of individuals who has managed to overcome the criteria of Asperger's through a successful career in life. "

    Professor Tony Attwood - Clinical Psychologist Asperger's Syndrome    

" I would like to thank my family, especially my mother Jan for all the hard work and commitment throughout my life. To my close friends who have supported me on this very special journey. And to everyone else involved in supporting the Time 2 Train Asperger's Program and now the Lupe Program. I look forward to continuing great work in the Autism community. "

"YES! An awakening for myself

has begun from what we did today Jeremy."

     54yr old Gary.P - with Asperger's in the Time 2 Train Lupe Program      

Pictured above: Jeremy Samson receiving small business award with Minister for Youth Affairs at Melbourne's Young Achiever Awards Event held in Etihad Stadium in May 2015.

Melbourne Autism Expo Ambassador - Jeremy Samson

Want Jeremy as a guest speaker at your event?


"Learning is the first important step towards building confidence and progressing forward towards achievement.

Understanding what we have learned contributes towards increasing further knowledge, motivation, self esteem. This is important for ongoing progress.

Practice makes perfect and we must exercise this always, to achieve further progress in self development.

Experience is important for our knowledge to further improve what we learn, understand and practiced.

" Tackle every experience with the privilege of opportunity."

Jeremy Samson - Managing Director LUPE Program

Jeremy Samson won 2014 'Entreprenuer' in Scotland Edinburgh at the Naturally Autistic People Awards.

Jeremy Samson in 2015 placed 3rd in Performing Arts Category at the ANCA Awards, Vancouver, Canada - signed by Premier Christy Clark

Herald Sun Body & Soul 2012

Lupe Program DVD'S will be developed in the future. Stay tuned...

Jeremy Samson featuring in the feature film "Connected" a film about Autistic People

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