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ASD / Aspergers Personal Development Program   -   Learn  Understand  Practice  Experience 

Developed by people with Autism, Asperger's, for people with Autism Asperger's and conducted by people with Autism, Asperger's.

Jeremy Samson - Founder Time 2 Train Aspergers Program

Asperger Personal Trainer / Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner

Member International Association Clinical Neurospychotherapy

What is the Lupe Program?

The LUPE Program is a personal development program for teens 14yrs to adults with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome

The LUPE Program aims to build necessary skills, for people with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome to enable easy, successful transition into our wider community.

What areas of development does the Lupe Program focus on?

* Social Understanding & Friendships

* Expression and Emotions

* Language

* Movement & Co-ordination

* Future Career and Education

* Relationships

* The Law

* Independence

How does The Lupe Program work?

The LUPE Program operates 1 : 1

* In a safe, comfortable environment

* Weekly 1 hour sessions with an experienced qualified trainer in Autism, Asperger's Syndrome.

The Lupe Program aims to improve in the following :

* Build Confidence

* Increase Independence

* Multi Tasking

* Coping Skills

* Understanding

* Improve Thinking

* Managing Emotions

* Minamalise Inappropriate Behaviour

* Increase Organisational Skills

* Better Social Interaction

* Adaptability to change

* Positive attitude in personality

Could it be Asperger's Syndrome?

The LUPE Program (learn, understand, practice, experience) was developed by Jeremy to help individuals on the spectrum in all areas of their life including social interaction, self-awareness and communication. Learn the how this program can be used as an intervention therapy to help integrate teens and adults better into the community.

What are executive functioning skills?

* The executive functions are a set of processes that all have to do with managing oneself and one's resources in order to achieve a goal.

* It is an umbrella term for the neurologically-based skills involving mental control and self-regulation.

* Individuals with Autism, Asperger's may have difficulty in management or sustained regulation in these particular areas.

New LUPE Program Trainer - Taylor WILSON

" I have been under the guidance, mentoring and training of Jeremy for quite some time now learning more about The Lupe Program. I currently specialise in adults who have ASD/ Asperger's through the Time 2 Train Program and wanted to help more individuals from teens to adults.

My first experience with adults was through my own training and knowledge helping someone who was struggling with exercise. I share the same passion and vision and I look forward to bringing the lupe program to many more families and individuals with Autism and learning difficulties. "

Testimonial :

" Taylor is amazing at what she does and I have been trained by her myself personally and had a wonderful experience. I have seen her personally train other clients who struggle with learning difficulties and disabilities and the patience and dedication she has towards these individuals amazes me more and more each and every time!"

K.Goozee NSW

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Managing Director Time 2 Train Asperger's Program - Jeremy Samson

2016 Winner Jeremy SAMSON -Bart 'N' Print Health & Wellness Category in the Victorian Young Achiever Awards, Melbourne, Victoria 

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